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14.Apr.2018 Written by

Scott Montgomery, Lecturer, University of Washington: Yet if the roughly $3.5 trillion invested in renewable power since 2000 had all backed fission, I believe the advances in that technology would have led all remaining coal- and oil-fired power plants to have disappeared from the face of the Earth by now. And if that same money had instead backed fusion, perhaps a working reactor would now exist.

12.Oct.2016 Written by

Tom Tamarkin: In the early 1970s a course of action was developed by the United States Government which should have provided the American citizens and the entire world with such an unlimited, inexpensive, source of energy . . . controlled nuclear fusion energy . . . on-line and powering the electrical grids world wide by 2005. Unfortunately this did not happen. This article takes a critical look at why this science and technology was incorrectly discredited by politicians and the scientifically lay.

12.Oct.2016 Written by

Tom Tamarkin: The world will soon face an energy crisis of monumental proportions which many ignore. By 2050 we must significantly increase total energy production or face a need for worldwide redistribution of wealth and energy allocation coupled with population reduction.

05.Apr.2016 Written by

Melanie Windridge, plasma physicist, fusion energy, Energy Industry Times - The promise of electricity generated from nuclear fusion is one that has always seemed too far in the future to be taken seriously. Tokamak Energy, however, believes the combination of two emerging technologies that together enable the construction of smaller, cheaper machines open up the way to commercialisation.

26.Mar.2016 Written by

Melanie Windridge, Plasma Physicist, Science Educator, Mountain and Polar Explorer - Fusion power is one of the most appealing options for the future of energy supply at a time when our natural resources are dwindling. Melanie Windridge looks at what’s in store for the technology behind this potential source of sustainable power. Website:

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