Today: 25.Jun.2018

The American Nuclear Society, Bob Coward, ANS President, James Conca: "Why Nuclear? Our security depends on it - national security, energy security, and economic security. Our future relies on it - environment, climate, and standard of living. Together, we will deliver." Nuclear in America is on a cusp between two very different paths. One path leads to continued global leadership. The other leads to a slow fading of our nuclear program to that of a third-rate power, leaving Russia and China to lead the world. Short-term thinking is the opposite of what a Great Nation needs to do, the opposite of what we did for most of the 20th century.

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American Nuclear Society, Andrew Klein, President: As I considered how ANS could best forward the interests of nuclear professionals during my term as president (June 2016-June 2017), I was compelled by the idea of identifying the technical nuclear challenges that need to be resolved by 2030 in order to help solve some of the economic, sociological, or political issues that we face as a society. The results are the ANS Nuclear Grand Challenges described in this report.

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Dan Yurman at reports on the American Nuclear Society's Nine Nuclear Grand Challenges. These grand challenges should have been top priority decades ago. Nuclear power in the United States and Europe is at a turning point. Will there be only one generation of nuclear power plants, at least for a while? Or will the United States and Europe continue with nuclear power like China and Russia surely plan on doing? The ANS should follow through with these nuclear grand challenges, starting immediately where possible. Independent nuclear advocacy groups and blog sites are only able to carry the nuclear banner so far. Will the West acquiesce to anti-nuclear special interest groups and technology fear mongers?

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This is The American Nuclear Society's report on Nine Grand Challenges by 2030. Hopefully, they will make a lot of progress. The progress so far has been insufficient to maintain a healthy nuclear industry.

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