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Radioisotopes and Nuclear Medicine
Radioisotopes and Nuclear Medicine (90)

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Nuclear Physics for Medicine, Chapter III: Radioisotope Production

Authors from Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Switzerland,

1. Properties of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine

2. Production methods and facilities

3. Examples and specific topics

Excellent graphics and images

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Objectives of YNSS

Convince the Politicians/ Policy makers on the benefits of Nuclear Power

Presentations/ Videos/ Q & A Sessions on “Peaceful Applications of Nuclear Technology & Electricity Generation using Nuclear Power”

Includes excellent photos of activities.

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Richard Zimmermann provides the reader with a book that is complete, describing with great accuracy yet in an attractive and comprehensive style all the technical, methodological and pharmaceutical aspects of nuclear medicine, covering also its diagnostic and therapeutic applications. This book proves to be a valuable information source for our young students as well as for hospital intern specialists. .. ..

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AIPES - The radionuclides supply for nuclear medicine is crucially dependent on an unsustainably low number of production reactors and processing facilities in Europe, North America, South-Africa and Asia/Pacific.

15.Mar.2015 Written by

Thomas Ruth, TRIUMF -

•A look at the international accelerator facilities for radionuclide production.

•An overlooked source of Mo-99

•View from TRIUMF

•Reflections on radionuclide availability

•Future of Nuclear Imaging

•Distribution of small cyclotrons around the world

15.Mar.2015 Written by

Shyh-Jen Wang, Gann Ting - Therapeutic nuclear medicine has grown rapidly as a treatment modality in oncology in last decade. A variety of specific tumor-seeking radiopharmaceuticals have been commercialized for radiotherapy.

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