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Welcome to Environmentalists for Nuclear-USA, EFN-USA, where our focus is on contributing to public education about nuclear energy, humanitarian causes, the environment, wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

We invite you to explore the EFN-USA Exhibits to discover people, places and the historical timeline which led to the development of nuclear energy, human and environmental conditions around the world and how the United States can contribute to a better world..

The EFN-USA website is unique and differentiates itself from other websites about the environment in several ways:

- Professional experts in nuclear energy, nuclear science, human history and the environment contributed documents, PowerPoint Presentations and videos for the educational benefit of students, parents, professionals in all fields, and leaders in government and the private sector.

- We work closely with Advocates - supporters of nuclear energy, nuclear science, humanitarian causes and the environment who do not have a formal education in these fields, yet who wish to share their thoughts and ideas with our audience.

We proudly present the EFN-USA website like a museum. You will find a collection of artifacts in the form of written documents, PowerPoint Presentations and videos. These are available for viewing under the four "wings" of the museum: ENERGY, PEOPLE, ENVIRONMENT, and EFN. The tab, "EFN" focuses on the parent organization of EFN-USA. EFN has been in existence under the leadership of Bruno Comby in Houilles, France since 1996. The tab, EFN also focuses on other affiliate organizations in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Poland, India, South Africa and the list is growing. Just like in a museum, this website contains EXHIBITS, located in each of the main topic areas, designed to make a collection of artifacts more interesting to the general public. At the initial opening of the website in early 2015, the website will present artifacts in our collection. The EXHIBITS will be added in the near future.

The photos and paintings associated with each document represent a very positive view of the world. We believe this is what the world would look like if mankind worked together in the interest of future generations. Many of these photos are by John and Ford Shanahan from their travels around the world. Other contributors are noted on the photo or drawing. Among credited contributors, artist Leonid Afremov,, has generously provided images of his paintings of nature, urban life and people, which send a message only a painting can about the wonders of life on Earth.

The website also depicts the juxtaposition of these hopeful images with the reality of the way life is for so many people and the way nature and the environment exist under mankind's actions and neglect. This darker side is what motivates EFN-USA to disseminate knowledge in order to improve and protect our planet through plentiful nuclear energy, making life better for people and protecting the environment, wildlife and biodiversity.

Throughout history, the environment, biodiversity and wildlife habitat have taken second place to the needs and excesses of mankind. Today and in the future, it is essential that people become better stewards of the land, air, water and all other life on Earth without going to extremes of putting the environment far above the needs of humanity.

We thank you for your visit and hope that you will come back often.

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