Today: 19.Jan.2019

Howard Cork Hayden, physicist, Scott Denning, atmospheric scientist: A lot has been written about the need for public debate between alarmists and skeptics on the science of climate change. On December 2, 2017, there was an actual debate, at the Colorado State University, Pueblo, Colorado. The slides are available online and they tell a remarkable story about the emptiness of alarmism.

Howard Cork Hayden, Emeritus Physics Professor, University of Connecticut: This is a closing argument by Professor Hayden. The debate took place at Colorado State University - Pueblo on December 2, 2017. The other person in the debate was Professor Scott Denning of CSU - Fort Collins. Use search box with Denning to find his presentation.

Howard Hayden, December 19, 2017: What, then, is the basis for saying CO2 causes warming? More CO2 causes more absorption of IR in the far wings of the spectrum, and pretty high in the atmosphere. That absorbed energy rapidly adds heat to the local air, and is generally not radiated back to the surface. The actual atmospheric processes cannot be ignored, and they are not simple as Scott Denning avers.

Scott Denning, Director of Education, ESMEI, Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University: The science of Man-made Climate Change is simple to explain, serious to our way of life and solvable. We don't have to choose between progress and prosperity. Many people think: "Our well-being is based on stuff we extract from the ground." When we stop burning coal, will our descendants shiver in the dark? "We create our well-being through crativity, ingenuity, and hard work." The future is bright.