Today: 17.Mar.2018

Sebastian Luening, paleogeologist: Das Greenpeace-Schiff “Arctic Sunrise” hielt sich im Januar und Februar 2018 im antarktischen Weddell Meer auf. .. .. .. Frau Lockhart, Sie waren im Januar drei Wochen auf Forschungsexpedition in der Antarktis: Sieht oder spürt man dort etwas vom Klimawandel? Susanne Lockhart: Ich war dort schon öfter zu Forschungsreisen. Die Veränderungen sind nicht zu übersehen. .. .. .. Kurzer Blick auf die Temperaturentwicklung der Antarktis während der vergangenen 35 Jahre, basierend auf RSS-Satellitendaten zeigt: Es ist gar nicht wärmer geworden. Ärgerlich.

Sebastian Luening, paleogeologist: "Aktivisten kümmern sich gerne um Pseudoprobleme. Anstatt selber bei der Armutsbekämpfung zu helfen, fordern sie nur von anderen. Sehr bequem." Translation: "Activists (sounding the alarm about catastrophic man-made global warming), instead of helping with the fight against poverty, just demand things from others. Very convenient." This is an excellent article in German, quoting an English language scientific article. Man-made global warming alarmists blame most changes in climate, most extreme weather events, and most changes in the environment on evils perpetrated by human beings. Alarmist activists demand that humans stop using fossil fuels. Impoverished people without sufficient fossil fuels and strong economies are plundering the world's forests. This slash and burn deforestation and plunder of forest biological treasures contributes more to climate change than use of fossil fuels. Don't work to solve the poverty problem. Just dictate that the poor use solar ovens and that U.S. courts defend certain privileged youth and their lawyers to have a anthropogenic controlled safe climate, one of the most outrageous claims in the history of humanity.

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Sebastian Luening, paleogeologist: Michel de Rougemont chemical engineer: Without questioning the observed global warming or the emissions to the atmosphere of infrared-absorbing gases, three central issues remain without properly quantified responses, without which no other climate policy than that of a gradual adaptation can be justified: the sensitivity of the climate to human contributions, the disadvantages and the benefits for mankind resulting from a generally warmer climate, and the foreseeable evolution of the climate in consequence of unpredictable changes in human activity.

Sebastian Luening, paleogeologist, Hui Su, Jet Propulsion Lab, USA et al., Andrew Follet: Most global climate models are underestimating increased rainfall caused by global warming. NASA and four universities compared climate data from 1995 to 2005 to 23 climate model simulations for the same period. More than 70 percent of the climate models underestimated the amount of rain compared to the real world observations. “Precipitation is vital to life on Earth and regional precipitation changes accompanying anticipated global warming could exert profound impacts on ecosystems and human society,” reads the study’s abstract.