Today: 23.Mar.2019

Willis Eschenbach: The UN Poll of what are the most important things to the public are education, healthcare, jobs, good government, affordable food, control crime, clean water and sanitation, support for people who can't work, good transportation and roads, equality between men and women, reliable energy, political freedom, freedom from discrimination and persecution, protecting the environment, phone and Internet access, action on climate change. Action on climate change is at the very bottom for both men and women.

Willis Eschenbach: James Hansen is the NASA scientist who is leading the charge to stop all forms of cheap energy. Coal is bad. He calls trains of coal “death trains”. He wants to deny cheap energy to all of those folks in the bottom half. He wants to deny access to cheap energy to everyone, but where it hurts is the bottom half. For example, the World Bank and other international funding agencies, at the urging of people like Hansen, have been turning down loans for coal plants in developing countries.

Willis Eschenbach reports on a solar mirror - tower electric generating plant in Nevada that causes serious problems for birds and water usage. This was initially posted on:the website: Watts Up With That -

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