Today: 20.Feb.2018

John Tjostem is emeritus professor of biology at Luther College in Iowa. This article on the relationship of energy to sustainability is very easy reading with powerful thinking.

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Leo Rostermundt's grandparents immigrated to the United States from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in the 1890s. They were farmers who settled in Iowa. This account of Leo Rostermundt's grandparents, parents and relatives traces the important developments in agriculture over the last century. Agriculture and energy are two things that keep a country running well. In the case of agriculture, the USA is feeding a significant portion of the world. We could be helping the world with nuclear energy, if that advanced technology had not been stopped by anti-nuclear activists and the two presidents, Carter and Clinton, who played to the anti-nuclear activists for votes. Russia is marketing nuclear power plants to Turkey, Vietnam, South Africa and other countries. Russia is helping many poor countries and gaining stature, while the USA stands idle by in this sector.

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Patrick Moore: Co-Founder of Greenpeace, One of only a few original members of Greenpeace with an advanced science degree. He now is dedicated to promoting better energy and better agriculture to assist the poorer half of the world.

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General Electric sponsored classic animated documentary from 1952 explains atomic energy, radiation and radioisotopes. Over sixty years have passed. Some countries have fully embraced the wonders of the atom. Some have been held back by many anti-nuclear science activists. Some countries have decided on their own to abandon (for the time being) the power of the atom. This documentary from 1952 explains the science and applications that were known then. Very impressive.

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