Today: 24.Mar.2019

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, ANSTO: This is a compilation of uses of radioisotopes in nuclear medicine, industry, agriculture, archeology, art research, research climate change over thousands of years and many other applications. Uses of radioisotopes present a much larger industry than nuclear energy itself.

The Spectator - All European producers face much higher costs than Chinese steelmakers thanks to the EU Emissions Trading System. But Britain imposes its own green taxes on top of this in the form of the Carbon Price Floor and the Renewables Obligation — an epic act of self-harm. If manufacturing simply transfers abroad, that won’t do a thing to reduce global carbon emissions. It is pure industrial suicide.

General Electric sponsored classic animated documentary from 1952 explains atomic energy, radiation and radioisotopes. Over sixty years have passed. Some countries have fully embraced the wonders of the atom. Some have been held back by many anti-nuclear science activists. Some countries have decided on their own to abandon (for the time being) the power of the atom. This documentary from 1952 explains the science and applications that were known then. Very impressive.

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The Go Nuclear, Inc. Cornerstone Document focuses on four major topics related to peaceful use of nuclear energy, radioisotopes and radiation. RADIOISOTOPES covers production of radioisotopes and their applications in nuclear medicine, agriculture, environmental pollution research, protection of lakes, rivers and oceans, industry, commerce, scientific research, space travel, etc. Please read the Cornerstone Document to understand our purpose and goals for global public education.