Today: 16.Sep.2019

SARI, Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information, says that there is no reason to fear low-dose radiation. They explain that the LNT model is a problem, why it was adopted, why it persists, and how it can be overcome.

The LNT model is probably the most egregious error ever made in the name of science, considering the long period over which it has been used worldwide in spite of there being no valid evidence for it and in spite of the casualties and calamities its use has caused.

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Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom explains the science of low dose radiation and the disastrous consequences of existing radiation regulations.

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Jerry Cuttler - In light of the on-going crisis of suffering and economic hardship in Japan, the appropriate action for the radiation protection establishment is to abandon the concept of stochastic cancer risk, based on the LNT dose-response model, and adopt the previous tolerance dose concept. It is supported by extensive biological evidence and credible models.

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What is BNS YGN? Whether you are young or young at heart, you are welcome at the Belgian Nuclear Society - Young Generation Network (YGN). The YGN is a subgroup of the Belgian Nuclear Society (BNS) for nuclear professionals younger than 36.

The organization of YG activities and the completion of its mission is in the hands of the BNS-YG Core Group. We are a group of enthusiastic people from different companies and institutions who try to bring together young nuclear professionals and students interested in nuclear in its broadest sense.

Go Nuclear recommends that the Belgian Nuclear Society / Young Generation Network be recognized for the creativity in the design of BNS / YG logo. The slash in their logo being the chart of isotopes of all the elements. Beautiful!

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