Today: 16.Sep.2019

Objectives of YNSS

Convince the Politicians/ Policy makers on the benefits of Nuclear Power

Presentations/ Videos/ Q & A Sessions on “Peaceful Applications of Nuclear Technology & Electricity Generation using Nuclear Power”

Includes excellent photos of activities.

The main objective of the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Authority is to use nuclear technology for peaceful applications in order to have socio economic development of the country. In this process the Youth Nuclear Society gets the participation of its educated young members.

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Atomic Insights LLC was founded by Rod Adams and is based in Virginia. Its aim is to produce and distribute accurate information about a variety of topics associated with atomic technologies. We discuss atomic energy, the competitors to atomic energy, radiation, the risks and benefits of using nuclear technology, and the hazards of avoiding the use of nuclear technology.

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T.D. Luckery: Evidence indicates an inverse relationship between chronic low-dose radiation levels and cancer incidence and/or mortality rates. Examples are drawn from: 1) state surveys for more than 200 million people in the United States; 2) state cancer hospitals for 200 million people in India; 3) 10,000 residents of Taipei who lived in cobalt-60 contaminated homes; 4) high-radiation areas of Ramsar, Iran; 5) 12 million person-years of exposed and carefully selected control nuclear workers; .. .. .. This evidence conforms to the hypothesis that adequate ionizing radiation protects against cancer and promotes health.

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