Today: 24.Mar.2018

Vinod Ramireddy: There is a relatively new technology for generating electricity. It is combined cycle gas turbine and steam turbine using natural gas. If the world would use all energy sources for their highest and most important purposes, we would not be using natural gas to generate electricity. We would be using natural gas for things it does best and that other energy sources can't do as well. But that is not the way the world is working. We use whatever is cheapest for now and don't save precious resources for important uses in the future. That means that combined cycle gas turbine and steam turbine are the cheapest form of generating electricity in places where natural gas is plentiful.

Mark J. Perry, scholar at American Enterprise Institute: It wasn’t that long ago that we were wallowing in an era of energy scarcity, worried about our dependence on foreign oil and constantly hearing dire warnings about “peak oil.” The record high oil production this year further solidifies America’s new status as a world energy superpower in a new era of US energy abundance. In addition, the United States has used nuclear fuel and depleted uranium that can provide over 700 years of electrical energy needs at 1994 levels, if America decides to use fast nuclear reactor technology and used nuclear fuel recycling.

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Donald Rapp, Former Full Professor of Physics and Environmental Engineering: It has become a fashionable exercise for some to count the number of published climate papers that seem to subscribe to the alarmist agenda. Unfortunately it is thoroughly unclear exactly what that agenda is. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of published papers are specific, narrowly focused, and relate to a particular aspect of climate change; very few deal with the big picture of climate change vs. greenhouse gases.

William Happer, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Princeton University - I often hear that since I am not a card-carrying climate scientist — that I, and many other scientists with views similar to mine, have no right to criticize the climate establishment. Few have a deeper understanding of the basic science of climate than I. Greenpeace is one of the many organizations that have made a very good living from alarmism.