Today: 19.Jun.2018

Fritz Vahrenholt, PhD Chemistry, Chairman, German Wildlife Foundations: You have called the German energy transition a "disaster". How so? Fritz Vahrenholt : First of all, after the tsunami in Japan, the German government decided within a weekend to renounce nuclear energy, which until then had created the base load for German industry. Since then, the government wants to replace this secure energy with fluctuating electricity from sun and wind. Everyone knows that this is not sensible.

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Fritz Vahrenholt, PhD Chemistry, Chairman, German Wildlife Foundations: What was demanded in the Green Party program in 1986, the abolition of the nuclear industry, the automotive industry and parts of the chemical industry, has long since become consensus in the middle of society. How could that succeed? With apocalyptic horror scenarios, the cleavage of the atom, as well as the slight increase of the vital molecule CO2 in the atmosphere, become ciphers of disaster. What country, what state will lead the world to the bottom of the reliable, environmentally sound energy policy: Germany, California? What countries will be outstanding sound energy program leaders: Canada, China, France, Jordan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea?

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Hal Doiron, Don Bogard, The Right Climate Stuff Team: TRCS is a team of retired Apollo Lunar Program specialists performing their own independent investigation into the man-made and natural global warming issues. This article presents an evaluation of using a photo-voltaic electrical generating systems on his home by Hal Doiron and on overview on man-made and natural global warming, and renewable and nuclear energy by Don Bogard.

Euan Mearns, Geologist, Ferruccio Ferroni, Energy Consultant, Robert Hopkirk, Engineering Research & Development, Switzerland: Euan Mearns (UK) presents the paper by Ferrucio Ferroni and Robert Hopkirk (Switzerland) about energy return on energy invested for solar photovoltaic energy used in Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. Euan Mearns engages blogers on his website who are confident that they are more qualified than F. Ferroni and R. Hopkirk in Switzerland in knowing about solar PV energy. There are three kinds of learning science: a) the science sources themselves, b) the science sources with students in a classroom, and c) the science sources and "bloggers" on the Internet. We encourage everyone to learn and decide for yourselves. Switzerland has many fine scientists and engineers, no matter what these bloggers say. Starting with Paracelsus in the early 1500s, to Albert Einstein in the early 1900s and today's engineers and scientists in nuclear energy and nuclear science.

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