Today: 16.Jan.2018
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

Petr Beckmann was one of the earliest engineering professors to take on the anti-nuclear establishment. Read the book review here for "Health Hazards of Not Going Nuclear." It is available at Amazon. For the price of shipping plus $0.01, it is a must have for all people supporting nuclear power. One reviewer says, "Dr. Beckman's energy book is still the most concise comparison of health hazards across multiple electrical generating technologies."

Rob Morse provides a clear presentation of thorium liquid fuel reactor technology without equations. The thorium option needs to be explored. There is so much thorium available.

Robert Schenter and Michael Korenko demonstrate how spent nuclear fuel can be transmuted into valuable radioisotopes for nuclear medicine. Spent nuclear fuel is extremely valuable as fuel for fast reactors and source of producing radioisotopes for nuclear medicine in fast reactors, like the Fast Flux Test Facility, FFTF.

Robert Schenter specialized in the production of radioisotopes in reactors for nuclear medicine. He dedicated much of his time teaching students this art and science as well as teaching national leaders the value of nuclear medicine. He spent many years trying to get the government to support production of radioisotopes in the United States.