Today: 21.Aug.2018
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

Japan's contributes 11.4% of publications in nuclear medicine worldwide, by one survey. It wants to do more.

Donald R. Riley - He evolved the SEFOR (Southwest Experimental Fast Oxide Reactor) conceptual design. SEFOR was built and successfully proved the Doppler Coefficient that shuts down a reactor using MOX fuel without any special actions. If Chernobyl had been a fast reactor it would not have destroyed itself.

Jeffrey Mahn - Presentation will address:

- Natural phenomena and man-made events considered in assessing safety of nuclear power plant.

- How level of “risk” associated with such events is determined.

- What level of risk considered acceptable and why.

Jeffrey Mahn - This presentation is an attempt to make the basic concepts associated with the complex workings of a nuclear reactor somewhat understandable.