Today: 11.Dec.2018
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

Assessing non-reactor based isotope production through examining Canada’s recent decision to shift towards particle accelerator generation of its major medical radioisotopes and similar initiatives around the world, including Belgium and Germany;

Australian Nuclear Association -Nuclear energy is recognised internationally as an essential component of electricity system that meets global environmental and energy utilisation objectives. With abundant coal, gas and uranium resources and wind and solar potential, Australia is uniquely placed to set standards for integrated, environmentally sustainable energy utilisation. To be credible, Australia must embrace the domestic use and not just export of uranium to generate base load electricity.

Will Davis is an experienced communicator, widely read author and well-known researcher in the field of nuclear energy. He is the Communciations Director of the N/S Savannah Association, Inc. and serves the American Nuclear Society as a consultant in the field of communications and social media.

Indian Department of Atomic Energy - Energy is essential for the survival and growth of modern human civilisation. A reasonably good correlation exists between the per capita energy consumption and quality of life, as indicated by the UN Human Development Index. This correlation is quite strong in the case of developing countries like India where the energy demand is largely unfulfilled. All available sources of energy, therefore, must be optimally developed and deployed to meet the short as well as long term energy needs of our country.