Today: 21.Sep.2018
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

SARI -Though adjuvant chemotherapy has been a standard in the systemic treatment of many cancers, its adverse side effects are of considerable concern. The possible side effects include anemia, fatigue, gastro-intestinal dysfunction, hair loss, infection, memory changes, etc. (1). These side effects diminish drastically the quality of life including long-term reduced physical functioning and overall general health (2). In addition, chemotherapy is associated with a life-long reduced rate of employment (3).

SARI - Considerable evidence has accumulated on the invalidity of the linear no-threshold (LNT) model that has been used for radiation safety purposes worldwide since the 1950s. The continuing reluctance of the advisory bodies to discard the LNT model in spite of the overwhelming evidence against it presents a dilemma to professional bodies.

SARI - The nuclear reactor accident at Fukushima Daiichi that followed the earthquake and tsunami in 2011 prompted well-intended measures that have had disastrous consequences. These were not caused by the radiation itself but by the social stress, the forced evacuation, and the ongoing displacement of tens of thousands of people.

The Go Nuclear, Inc. Cornerstone Document focuses on four major topics related to peaceful use of nuclear energy, radioisotopes and radiation. RADIOISOTOPES covers production of radioisotopes and their applications in nuclear medicine, agriculture, environmental pollution research, protection of lakes, rivers and oceans, industry, commerce, scientific research, space travel, etc. Please read the Cornerstone Document to understand our purpose and goals for global public education.