Today: 24.Mar.2019
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

The Nuclear Literacy Project is a new website and outreach initiative geared towards reaching young, non-technical audiences with information about nuclear energy.

The website is just the beginning. We are also working to create new apps, games and quizzes to reach young people through venues that they already know and enjoy using.

The Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) promotes the exchange of information on all aspects of nuclear science and technology and its applications. This includes nuclear power generation, fuel production, uranium mining and refining, management of radioactive wastes and used fuel. Other topics include medical and industrial uses of radionuclides, and occupational and environmental radiation protection.

Nuclear technology improves our lives in so many ways. Breakthroughs in nuclear medicine mean better diagnoses and treatments for cancer and other diseases. Hydrogen fuel research may produce cars that don’t pollute. Small reactors could bring cheap electricity to anywhere in Canada. Improved fault-detection technology makes nuclear power even more safe.

Gerald Marsh and George Stanford - The combination ofhub-spoke, an amended NPT, and a variation of the GNEP with internationally guaranteed fuel recycling and waste disposal, will not tum back the clock on existing nuclear weapon states, nor will it guarantee that further proliferation will not occur. But it would permit the inevitable spread of civilian nuclear power without expanding the membership of the nuclear weapon club.