Today: 19.Jul.2018
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

South Africa has some of the finest scientists and engineers in nuclear energy. They are very dedicated to nuclear energy for South Africa and the African Continent.

Two short video testimonies by Dr. Theodore Rockwell to the U.S. Senate on the need for nuclear power. These are short, clear, essential messages for continued prosperity through reliable, clean, affordable nuclear power.

Petr Beckmann gives three excellent, entertaining voice only videos of why nuclear power should be defended. Very worthwhile listening.

Petr Beckmann was one of the earliest engineering professors to take on the anti-nuclear establishment. Read the book review here for "Health Hazards of Not Going Nuclear." It is available at Amazon. For the price of shipping plus $0.01, it is a must have for all people supporting nuclear power. One reviewer says, "Dr. Beckman's energy book is still the most concise comparison of health hazards across multiple electrical generating technologies."