Today: 26.Mar.2019
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

Michael Dittmar - The worries about existing and potential problems with our oil, gas and coal supplies for our industrial based way of living have certainly increased.

However, people enthusiastic about large scale technology, especially with some background in physics, are pointing quickly either to nuclear energy or to large scale solar power projects as possible solutions to such worries. Such views are supported by most economists and politicians who propose that one only needs to invest trillions of dollars to manage potentially existing problems with our fossil fuel based energy civilization. It is assumed that the intelligent investment of money will be sufficient to solve the problems with nuclear fusion and make it available either directly on our planet or indirectly using solar energy. Such views about the future use of energy are often lacking the relevant facts about today’s energy use and existing technological constraints. Instead, the preferred form of discussions seems to be dominated by theoretical and hypothetical ideas about unproven concepts with unknown capital costs.

Shi Yang - China is making more efforts to develop new energy to ensure the country's energy security and boost economic growth.

China is trying to establish long-term energy security. This by investment in oil and gas fields abroad, and by diversifying its providers.

Nuclear power is viewed by the current Administration as important, perhaps essential, to maintaining that diversity.

What is BNS YGN? Whether you are young or young at heart, you are welcome at the Belgian Nuclear Society - Young Generation Network (YGN). The YGN is a subgroup of the Belgian Nuclear Society (BNS) for nuclear professionals younger than 36.

The organization of YG activities and the completion of its mission is in the hands of the BNS-YG Core Group. We are a group of enthusiastic people from different companies and institutions who try to bring together young nuclear professionals and students interested in nuclear in its broadest sense.

Go Nuclear recommends that the Belgian Nuclear Society / Young Generation Network be recognized for the creativity in the design of BNS / YG logo. The slash in their logo being the chart of isotopes of all the elements. Beautiful!