Today: 25.Apr.2019
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

Joan Pye’s experience as PA to the Head of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell where she worked for many years, convinced her that nuclear power is indeed the “Energy for the Next Generation”. Now in her 90’s she is the driving force behind the project.

This paper compares potential nuclear fuel cycle strategies – once-through, recycling in thermal reactors, sustained recycle with a mix of thermal and fast reactors, and sustained recycle with fast reactors. Initiation of recycle starts the draw-down of weapons-usable material and starts accruing improvements for geologic repositories and energy sustainability. It reduces the motivation to search for potential second geologic repository sites. Recycle in thermal-spectrum nuclear reactors achieves several recycling objectives; fast nuclear reactors achieve all of them.

TerraPower, the Bill Gates-chaired nuclear company that is developing a fast reactor, is now investigating alternative reactor technologies, including thorium fuel and molten salt reactors.

Epidemiology so far fails to substantiate the claim of an increase in cancer incidence in humans following low-level exposure to ionizing radiation, below about 100 mGy or mSv.