Today: 18.Jul.2019
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

T.D. Luckery: Evidence of health benefits and longer average life-span following low-dose irradiation should replace fear, “all radiation is harmful,” and “the perception of harm” as the basis for action in the 21st century. Hormesis is the excitation, or stimulation, by small doses of any agent in any system. Large doses inhibit. “Low dose” is defined as any dose between ambient levels of radiation and the threshold that marks the boundary between biopositive and bionegative effects. That threshold negates the “linear no threshold” (LNT) paradigm.

Ken Kok is a nuclear engineer and leading advocate member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for advanced nuclear power technology with spent fuel recycling.

John Lawrence became known as the "father of nuclear medicine." He saw opportunities for diagnostic and therapeutic uses of radiation beams and isotopes being produced through the then new cyclotron.

Many nuclear medicine historians claim that the genesis of nuclear medicine in the United States took place when John Lawrence took leave of absence from his faculty position at Yale Medical School in 1936 to visit his brother Ernest Orlando Lawrence at his new laboratory in Berkeley, California.