Today: 21.Jan.2018
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

Vaclav Havel, , first Prime Minister (1993–1998) and second President of the Czech Republic (2003–2013). The issue of climate alarmism, of man-made and human society endangering global warming has become one of my main topics as well as worries. I strongly disagree with the global warming doctrine which is an arrogant, human freedom and prosperity of mankind endangering set of beliefs, an ideology, if not a religion. It lives independently of the science of climatology. Its disputes are not about temperature, they are part of the “conflict of ideologies”.

Michel Gay: Tel qu'il est défini actuellement, le développement durable est incompatible avec une paix durable. Il existe pourtant une autre vision de l’avenir fondée sur le savoir et l'énergie pour converger vers la paix

Michel Gay: La France est championne du monde de la propreté.. pour les voitures électriques selon une étude de l'agence anglaise Bloomberg. La pollution des voitures électriques est inférieure à celle des voitures à essence ou diesel mais elle dépend grandement de la production d'électricité du pays où la batterie est rechargée. Une production avec une faible émission de carbone, comme pour les énergies renouvelables et nucléaire, réduit considérablement la pollution atmosphérique.

Tim Ball, Environmental Consultant, Tom Harris, Executive Director of International Climate Science Coalition, Paul Driessen, Senior Policy Advisor, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow: The plot to deceive the world about human-caused global warming gathered momentum right after the World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) created the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1988. “Dr. James E. Hansen of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration told a Congressional committee that it was 99 percent certain that the warming trend was not a natural variation.” More than any other event, that single hearing before the Energy and Natural Resources Committee publicly initiated the climate scare, the biggest deception in history. It created an unholy alliance which was bolstered by the U.N. and the popular press – leading to the hoax being accepted in governments, industry boardrooms, schools and churches all across the world.