Today: 21.Jun.2018
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

William Ferraiolo, professor of philosophy: Do not be overawed by wealth, power, influence, fame, or the like. None of these is indicative of good character or nobility. Revere wisdom wherever, and in whomever, you may find it. Respect excellence in any person, in any act, in any element of the natural world in which it may appear.

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Gesellschaft fuer bedrohte Voelker, Associazione per i popoli minacciati: On June 25. and 26. 2011, Halabja's mayor, Khder Kareem, will be awarded with the Peace Prize of the International Peace Bureau (IPB) of Italy. During the award conference, in which Khder Kareem will be present, a cooperation agreement will be signed between the university of Halabja and the department for oriental studies of the Ravenna section of the university of Bologna. The Kurdish mayor will also use the opportunity to commemorate the tragic death of 5,000 people through the attacks with poison gas by the Iraqi army on March 16, 1988. The world should work for peace and equal respect for all people as is done with the quota system in the government in Kurdistan.

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James Hansen former NASA scientist, considered the father of catastrophic man-made global warming awareness: In his testimony on a proposed coal-fired power plant in Iowa, Hansen used a very provocative metaphor about the trains that deliver coal: If we cannot stop the building of more coal-fired power plants, those coal trains will be death trains — no less gruesome than if they were boxcars headed to crematoria. The President of the National Mining Association wrote Hansen complaining: The suggestion that coal utilization for electricity generation can be equated with the systematic extermination of European Jewry is both repellent and preposterous. In 2017, Europe, Asia and South Africa are planning to build 1,600 new coal-fired plants.