Today: 21.Apr.2018
John Shanahan

John Shanahan

Clive Hambler, zoologist, specialty species extinction, lecturer in biological and human sciences, Oxford University: Species extinction is a serious issue: around the world we’re losing up to 40 a day. Yet environmentalists are urging us to adopt technologies that are hastening this process. Among the most destructive of these is wind power. Every year in Spain alone — according to research by the conservation group SEO/Birdlife — between 6 and 18 million birds and bats are killed by wind farms.

Seamus McGraw, Popular Mechanics: Members of Congress, gas companies, news organization, drilling opponents: They've all made bold claims about hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and the U.S. supply of natural gas. We take on 10 controversial quotes about natural gas and set the record straight.

Tom Harris, executive director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition: Ontario’s plans to reduce plant food, CO2, would kill jobs and do nothing to control Earth’s climate.

Vijay Jayaraj, Research associate, Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation: Has the climate propaganda reached a point where radical climatism is leading us into dangerous negligence? The severe winter in the northern hemisphere has been widely recorded. However, key climate information providers have altered data. The result — intended or not — has been to make the recent record lows of the winter appear normal.