Today: 15.Oct.2018

Jerry Cuttler - In light of the on-going crisis of suffering and economic hardship in Japan, the appropriate action for the radiation protection establishment is to abandon the concept of stochastic cancer risk, based on the LNT dose-response model, and adopt the previous tolerance dose concept. It is supported by extensive biological evidence and credible models.

Published in Low Dose Radiation

Garry Young - An excellent summary of nuclear power around the world, focused on USA and Energy, with many useful comparisons.

Published in Nuclear

O. A. Potapov - Excellent documentation of Russia's experience with BN600, a sodium cooled fast reactor. Includes design, fuel, operating and, maintenance experience and isotope production.

Published in Uranium fueled

Donald R. Riley - He evolved the SEFOR (Southwest Experimental Fast Oxide Reactor) conceptual design. SEFOR was built and successfully proved the Doppler Coefficient that shuts down a reactor using MOX fuel without any special actions. If Chernobyl had been a fast reactor it would not have destroyed itself.

Published in Nuclear

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