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Man-Made Global Warming - Sounding the Alarm
Man-Made Global Warming - Sounding the Alarm (91)

07.Aug.2018 Written by

BBC News, Matt McGrath: Researchers believe we could soon cross a threshold leading to boiling hot temperatures and towering seas in the centuries to come. Even if countries succeed in meeting their CO2 targets, we could still lurch on to this "irreversible pathway". Their study shows it could happen if global temperatures rise by 2C. NOTE: A search of the Internet documents that there have been many very large urban and wildfires throughout history, before the large scale use of fossil fuels.

07.Jul.2018 Written by

John Shanahan, civil engineer, president of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA: Comment #2 on Bloomberg BNA article, Nuclear won't avoid climate problem, (Bobby Magill). Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass) describes challenges of “impacts of climate change on dangerous nuclear waste.” If the ideas in this article are implemented and the reasoning about catastrophic man-made climate change, etc., and dangerous nuclear waste turn out to be wrong, the consequences of going without fossil fuels, permanently disposing of hazardous nuclear waste (used nuclear fuel), and not using the approximate 99% available energy in the uranium ore stored in depleted uranium and used nuclear fuel will certainly be a disaster for humanity.

06.Jul.2018 Written by

John Shanahan, civil engineer, president of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA: Comment #1 on Bloomberg BNA article, Nuclear won't avoid climate problem, (Bobby Magill). This short article covers vast complex topics about energy from wind, solar, fossil fuels, and nuclear, catastrophic man-made global warming, man-made climate change, man-made climate disruption and man-made large rising of oceans with simple broad statements from “experts.” Some statements about the situation with the state of nuclear power in the United States are very accurate. Other statements lack scientific basis and cause serious problems in getting to the right conclusions. If the ideas in this article are followed and the logic and reasoning turns out to be wrong, the consequences of forcing the world to go without fossil fuels are dire.

06.Jul.2018 Written by

Bloomberg BNA: New nuclear reactor technology such as NuScale Power LLC’s small modular reactors and government support for existing nuclear power plants won’t be enough to rescue the declining nuclear power industry, according to new research. “Right now, the cost of generating electricity from newly constructed nuclear plants is almost double the cost for power from a new natural gas combined-cycle plant,” “In the absence of a dramatic change in market conditions, political will, and substantial subsidies, there is virtually no chance that the United States will be able to undertake the construction of additional large LWR (light water reactor) power plants in the next several decades.”

14.Jun.2018 Written by

Michael E. Mann, American climatologist and geophysicist, currently director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University: Twenty years hockey stick, actually no reason to celebrate. One of the biggest scientific deception maneuvers should rather stay in the drawer. The big profiteer of the action at that time was the firebrand doctoral student Michael Mann.

14.Jun.2018 Written by

University of Notre Dame, Pope Francis: Three years ago, Pope Francis issued a sweeping letter that highlighted the global crisis posed by climate change and called for swift action to save the environment and the planet. On June 9, 2018, the Pope gathered money managers and titans of the world’s biggest oil companies during a closed-door conference at the Vatican and asked them if they had gotten the message. “There is no time to lose,” Francis told them.

07.May.2018 Written by

John Droz is the publisher of "Energy and Environmental Newsletter." Once you’ve grasped the magnitude of the problems with wind, solar, biofuels, etc., you’ll understand why the Russians have put so much effort into promoting US energy policies that are completely nonsensical — to anyone but them. The ONLY solution is to change our energy policies to be Science-based — starting with dumping the absurd “All of the Above” slogan, and replacing it with “All of the Sensible” as a national energy mantra.

29.Mar.2018 Written by

Sebastian Luening, paleogeologist: In der internationalen Klimapolitik gewinnen religiöse Gruppen und Organisationen nach politikwissenschaftlichen Studien zunehmend an Einfluss. „Sie haben sich etwa bei den UN-Klimakonferenzen als Akteure unter den Nichtregierungsorganisationen etabliert und werden als eine Macht ernst genommen, die in vielen Ländern, nicht zuletzt durch hohe Mitgliederzahlen, umweltpolitische Prozesse effektiv anstoßen können“,

05.Mar.2018 Written by

The Royal Society and National Academy of Sciences conclude that use of fossil fuels is causing serious global warming, climate change, climate disruption. That is what President Obama's Science Advisor, John Holdren declared. He also wrote that many of the world's Science Academies agreed with him. The world will soon learn how well these Academies of Science understand Mother Nature.

22.Feb.2018 Written by

Bill Gates, Microsoft: Bill Gates is investing millions to halt global warming by creating an inexhaustible supply of carbon-free energy. Energy would be super interesting even if it wasn't for the terrible climate problem. Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority. There's a lot to worry about.

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