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Man-Made Global Warming - Skeptical of serious anthropogenic global warming
Man-Made Global Warming - Skeptical of serious anthropogenic global warming (86)

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Willie Soon, Christopher Monckton, skepitcal of Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warmiing: “Fortunately, contrary to Professor Reif’s claims, the actual current scientific understanding of Earth’s climate dispels the popular delusion that any manmade global warming will be dangerous. That means adhering to the Paris agreement would be ‘a bad deal for America,’ and not only on economic and equity grounds. “In the last 20 years, humans have released over a third of all the CO2 produced since the beginning of the industrial period. Yet global mean surface temperature has remained essentially constant for at least 15 years – a fact that has been acknowledged by the IPCC, whose models failed to predict it.”

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Richard Lindzen is an atmospheric physicist. From 1983 until his retirement in 2013 he was Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT: : "Doubling CO2 involves a 2% perturbation to this budget. So do minor changes in clouds and other features, and such changes are common. In this complex multifactor system, what is the likelihood of the climate (which, itself, consists in many variables and not just globally averaged temperature anomaly) is controlled by this 2% perturbation in a single variable? Believing this is pretty close to believing in magic."

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Ulrich Weber: Vor 500 Jahren hatte sich ein einzelner Mann ganz allein gegen obrigkeitshörige Angstgläubigkeit und religiösen Ablasswahn gestellt und alle waren hinter ihm her. Auch im Lutherjahr 2017 gehören die Schlagzeilen der freiwillig gleichgeschalteten Mainstreammedien den selbstkasteienden Auto- und Klimarassisten, die Brot und Wasser predigen und ihre Kaviarhäppchen mit einem Gläschen Champagner herunterspülen. Und in einer wohl inszenierten mittelalterlichen Conquista im Namen der Weltklimareligion sind ihnen die gesamte Weltbevölkerung, die Weltwirtschaft und 195 Nationalstaaten dieser Erde inzwischen zur Beute gefallen.

01.May.2017 Written by

Ed Berry, Physicist and Patric Moore, Environmentalist: They both consider that CO2 from human emissions is not causing serious man-made global warming, serious other climate change effects, nor serious rise in ocean levels. In this discussion, they debate which view, logic, reasons are correct for the conclusion that they share about CO2 from human emissions.

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Ed Berry, physicist: Here we are on January 26, 2016. Do you feel the heat? Do you see the clouds are gone and the sky is glowing red? Ten years ago, on January 25, 2006, Al Gore stood before his Sundance audience at the screening of his “An Inconvenient Truth.” Al Gore waved his quivering finger in the air and told his audience that unless the world takes drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases within the next 10 years, we will reach a point of no return.

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Thorpe Watson, Ph.D. in Physical Metallurgy & Science of Materials. Thirty five year career covering wide range of science disciplines plus 10 year investigation of the climate controversy: We have been told that the carbon dioxide (“CO2”) generated by the consumption of hydrocarbon fuels will cause runaway warming. Our only salvation is to embrace a carbon-free economy or pay indulgences (aka “carbon tax”). How a tax will ward off such a serious threat defies any rational explanation. It is absurd to believe that a carbon-free economy will stabilize the planet's ever-changing climate. However, a carbon-free economy will devastate modern lifestyles.

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O.R. Adams, Jr., Jennifer Marohasy: O.R. Adams, a lawyer and serious student of science, presents his case about carbon dioxide from fossil fuels not being an important factor in claims of man global warming. His key scientist witness is Dr. Jennifer Marohasy in Australia. The main data are CO2 and temperature records of the Mauna Loa, Hawaii Observatory, both measured night and day. The temperature data is not well known and is key to this article. What do you students, teachers, scientists, the public and political leaders around the world think?

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Michael Hart book author, Michael Kelly book reviewer: Let us be clear at the outset: the global climate is changing, and has always been changing. The earth has warmed by 1C over the last 150 years. That is not the issue. The issue is whether the human emissions of carbon dioxide since 1850 are heralding an imminent and certain global climate catastrophe that could be averted by engineering projects.

23.Dec.2016 Written by

O.R. Adams Jr. is a retired lawyer. He prepared this paper about carbon dioxide cooling the Earth thoroughly as when he presented cases before the Supreme Court. This is a combination of having the facts, references and presenting it well.

23.Dec.2016 Written by

O.R. Adams Jr. is a retired lawyer. He prepared this paper in 2011 about CO2 from fossil fuels and man-made global warming. He did it as thoroughly as a lawyer would to present a case before the U.S. Supreme Court. It is a combination of knowing the facts, having references and presenting it well. See comments dated December, 2016 by geologist, Robert (Robin) Richards, in South Africa on page 29.

“I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.” - Richard Feynman, Physicist, Nobel laureate

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