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Uli Weber, Geophysiker: - Das Problem: Der natürliche Kohlenstoffdioxid-Kreislauf (Abbildung 1) auf unserem Planeten Erde steht in Verdacht, durch den industriellen CO2-Eintrag des Menschen aus den Fugen zu geraten und eine globale Klimakatastrophe zu verursachen. Aber ist dieser natürliche CO2-Kreislauf überhaupt voll verstanden und richtig in die Computermodelle zur Vorhersage des zukünftigen Klimas eingegangen?

09.Aug.2016 Written by - Do rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations cause increasing global temperatures, or could it be the other way around? This is one of the questions being debated today. Interestingly, CO2 lags an average of about 800 years behind the temperature changes-- confirming that CO2 is not the cause of the temperature increases. One thing is certain-- earth's climate has been warming and cooling on it's own for at least the last 400,000 years, as the data below show.

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Peter Wood, National Academy of Scholars: Science promotes the so-called consensus model of climate change and excludes any contrary views. This issue has become so polarized and polarizing that it is difficult to bring up, but at some point the scientific community will have to reckon with the dramatic discrepancies between current climate models and substantial parts of the empirical record.

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Norman Page, geologist: To the detriment of the reputation of science in general, establishment climate scientists made two egregious errors of judgment in their method of approach to climate forecasting and thus in their advice to policy makers in successive SPMs. First, they based their analyses on inherently untestable and specifically structurally flawed models which included many questionable assumptions. Second they totally ignored the natural, solar driven, millennial and multi-decadal quasi-cycles.

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Sebastian Luening, Die kalte Sonne: Wer hätte das gedacht: Obwohl Versicherungskonzerne jahrelang immer größere Extremwettergefahren androhten, sind jetzt die weltweiten Schäden aus Naturkatastrophen deutlich geringer ausgefallen als befürchtet. Who thought that although insurance companies have been predicting ever larger extreme weather catastrophes (for more premium income) that worldwide extreme weather catastrophes are actually becoming less prevalent.

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Uli Weber - geophysicist,, P. Gosselin: Since the G7-Summit (2015) and the Climate Summit COP21 in Paris (2015), the political aim of many governments is to stop use of fossil fuels by 2100 and supposedly save our planet from anthropogenic global warming (AGW). The AGW-paradigm is allegedly supported by 97% of all climate scientists worldwide. Global decarbonisation has even been recommended by some religious leaders. .. .. Should we abandon our excellent living-standards based on fossil fuels and accept these doomsday predictions?

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Uli Weber, Geophysiker: Die kalte Sonne, Sebastian Luening: This is an excellent summary in German about Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming from the points of view of Alarmists, Skeptics and Lukewarmers. Im Angesicht der geplanten Dekarbonisierung unserer Welt sollten wir nicht vergessen, dass sich im Laufe der kulturellen Evolution des Menschen die verfügbare pro-Kopf Energiemenge mehrfach drastisch erhöht hatte und unseren heutigen Lebensstandard erst ermöglicht.

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Nicole Jawerth with the International Atomic Energy Agency explains how nuclear technology with neutron probes can significantly help manage scarce water and improve crops for countries like Sudan. This is a tremendous help for women farmers.

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