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Nancy Trautmann, Keith Porter, Robert Wagenet - Cornell University. Agriculture has been a major component of the United States economy since colonial days, when 9 out of 10 working persons were employed on a farm. Produclivity of American agriculture has tripled since then, and today only 3 percent of our labor force produces enough food and fiber to meet domestic needs as well as supplying about 10 percent of total overseas consumption. This increase has been the result of including use of fertilizer, and pesticides, introduction of farm machinery, development of hybrid strains, and increased knowledge about farm management practices.

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Anthony Watts, website: He takes National Geographic to task for using scare tactics suggesting that ocean levels will rise to a height midway up the Statue of Liberty. How long do you think it will take for oceans to rise that high, given current rates or rates several times faster? Can man-kind cause this to happen?

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Martin Mangino.The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that climate change or global warming is not causally related to anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and, therefore, mitigation of such emissions, as a matter of public policy, is pointless.

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Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy - USA considers preservation of biodiversity, wildlife habitat, and wilderness essential for the planet. Earth should not become a place of uninhabitable mountains and deserts, areas for growing crops and other essential plant resources and cities and towns. Plenty of wildlife on up to top predators is essential.

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Leslie Woodcock is a professor emeritus of chemical thermodynamics at the University of Manchester in England, with a Ph.D. from the University of London, and served as a senior research consultant at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Laboratory in Ohio. He has added his voice to those who challenge the “scientific fact” that man-made carbon emissions are causing global warming.

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Gerald Marsh, retired nuclear physicist from Argonne National Laboratory presents his views on the science of Man-Made Global Warming and impact on economy and energy security.

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Climate Change National Forum, with Executive Director Michael Quirke is an excellent source of information for the public on all sides of the topic of Anthropogenic Global Warming, Man-made Global Warming, Climate Change. This article is Part 1 of a history of this subject.

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Donald Rapp, Former Full Professor of Physics and Environmental Engineering: The climate of the 19th century wasn’t all that great. It was particularly cold in mid-northern latitudes. Climates always change regardless of human activity. The earth has warmed in the past 120 years, mostly at high northern latitudes; far less in the tropics or southern hemisphere. In many ways, the climate today is “better” than it was in 1850.

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