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Don Bogard, isotopic and nuclear geochemistry: Professional summary with NASA and research about climate change in retirement.

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Llewellyn King is executive producer and host of "White House Chronicle" on PBS: The SpaceX Falcon heavy rocket launch on February 6, 2018 was a showcase of American technology and know-how. It was a clear statement that the individual can still triumph in the United States. Although he made his first $500 selling a game program when he was 12, and his first billion as a founder of PayPal, Musk's real claim to fame is as an engineer and physicist. His Tesla electric car may not survive as the industry leader, but today it is out front.

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John Shanahan, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA, website:, civil engineer: Biographical summary. In retirement, he is working to contribute to global public education about nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, and nuclear science and why they are important for PEOPLE and the ENVIRONMENT. His goal is to work with people in all countries.

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Joseph Kerwin: Reflections on life. The individual, humanity, spirituality. A good example of how to live in a positive way. Compare to those who think mostly about us versus others, I'm right - the others are wrong, I can save the world - just follow me.

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Thomas Cochran, physicist, lead anti-nuclear power advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council: Nuclear power is the only energy that can meet all the world's electrical energy needs for thousands of years. It is reliable, clean, safer than almost anything else mankind does. He wants the USA and the world to stop using nuclear energy. He has been working towards this goal since the 1970s.

14.Oct.2017 Written by

John Shanahan, Dr. Ing., Civil Engineer, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA: This is a short essay with photos explaining how men and women improved the original natural conditions of a semi-arid climate with just short prairie grass to a thriving large urban area in Metro Denver, Colorado, USA with abundant varieties of beautiful trees, bushes, flowers. The Romans did this 2000 years ago. The Chinese, Japanese, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Europeans, people in the Middle East, Russia and India also did this long before the people of Denver did it. With better government, setting a goal of peaceful coexistence and plentiful energy, these tremendous improvements can be made throughout the rest of the world and hopefully end conflicts and wars. Metro Denver, Colorado has people from all over the world living here peacefully together, happy and prospering.

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Marjorie Hecht remembers an outstanding biologist, great outdoors person, talented craftsperson and young cancer fighter. Environmentalists for Nuclear - USA presents stories of why radioisotopes and radiation are important in nuclear medicine. Nuclear science can improve lives for people around the world. In the end, we are telling great stories of people's lives. See Christine Craig's article, "Radioisotopes: The Medical Lifesavers That Congrress Is Suppressing." Use search box for Christine Craig.

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Leo Rostermundt's grandparents immigrated to the United States from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in the 1890s. They were farmers who settled in Iowa. This account of Leo Rostermundt's grandparents, parents and relatives traces the important developments in agriculture over the last century. Agriculture and energy are two things that keep a country running well. In the case of agriculture, the USA is feeding a significant portion of the world. We could be helping the world with nuclear energy, if that advanced technology had not been stopped by anti-nuclear activists and the two presidents, Carter and Clinton, who played to the anti-nuclear activists for votes. Russia is marketing nuclear power plants to Turkey, Vietnam, South Africa and other countries. Russia is helping many poor countries and gaining stature, while the USA stands idle by in this sector.

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Peyton Williams is a chemistry/pre-med major in college with top ranking in a class of 4,507 students in Sophomore year. In the summer between high school and college, he studied a book about the most advanced nuclear reactor in the United States and wrote a report, "Reactors of the Future: The Integral Fast Reactor." This technology was stopped in the United States and France for the time being, by anti-nuclear advocates and two U.S. Presidents who bend to their will. Russia is going full speed ahead with fast neutron reactors. See Peyton Williams' report on both websites: and The world needs excellent students like him in all endeavors.

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Ted Rockwell is one of the most accomplished, respected and down to Earth pioneers in nuclear energy and an excellent writer. He had many interesting conversations with his colleagues, Congress, the media, and students. When signatures were collected for his memorial tribute for Go Nuclear in 2013, a nuclear engineering student in Jordan asked if he could sign. He had studied from the Reactor Shielding Manual that Ted Rockwell was the Editor of and was very thankful to Dr. Rockwell. This book has been standard curriculum for nuclear engineering students around the world since 1956.

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