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Eric Jelinski has engineering degrees in three disciplines, teaches nuclear engineering curriculum at the University of Toronto, had a full career with the nuclear power industry in Canada and is President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - Canada. In this short essay, he outlines the history of the human race based on history of the energy sources that were available and addresses retrograde environmentalists and their organizations that want to use a high percentage of so called renewable energy (wind, solar, and biofuels).

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Eric Jelinski, Mechanical Engineer, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - Canada: Interest in producing synthetic fuels to operate engines has been around since the 1930s. Today, there is interest to produce hydrogen based synthetic fuels and "carbon neutral" fuels. This article presents a down to earth technology and economics review of what is practical at the present.

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Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (Canada) Inc. objectives are:

- to provide complete and straightforward information about energy and the environment

- to make known the advantages of nuclear energy, and especially the environmental benefits

- to bring together persons favouring the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes with respect for the environment and with proper management of nuclear waste

- to achieve its purposes through the publication of books, pamphlets and CD-ROM's; the conduct of lectures to the public; the participation in public and written debate; the contribution of scientific, technical, and generally educational communications to the press, to the audio-visual media, and the public in general; the creation, operation and maintenance of multilingual internet sites; and appearances at public and professional fairs and exhibitions.

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