Today: 22.Aug.2017

Eric Jelinski has engineering degrees in three disciplines, teaches nuclear engineering curriculum at the University of Toronto, had a full career with the nuclear power industry in Canada and is President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - Canada. In this short essay, he outlines the history of the human race based on history of the energy sources that were available and addresses retrograde environmentalists and their organizations that want to use a high percentage of so called renewable energy (wind, solar, and biofuels).

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Bruno Comby. Notre correspondant local de l'AEPN en Normandie Jean-Paul MARTIN a écrit au nom de l'AEPN à Pierre-Franck CHEVET de l'ASN, afin de lui demander des précisions techniques concernant ce qui est décrit par l'ASN comme des "anomalies sérieuses" de la cuve de l'EPR.

Une telle rétroactivité est bien sûr absurde n'existerait alors que dans le nucléaire français. Si on devait l'appliquer aux autres centrales nucléaires en fonctionnement en France comme à l'étranger, comme on le fait aujourd'hui pour l'EPR, elles peuvent toutes s'arrêter de fonctionner !

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Brendan McNamara, President, EFN-UK - Presenting facts is not an effective way to change opinions, especially if the terminology is specialised. Even so, facts are the real basis of technology and should be accessible. Debate between folks with inflexible positions is the unrewarding stuff of politics. We hope this fully engaged website and a layered set of primers and highly pictorial presentations will at least increase general interest.

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Bruno Comby -Ecological organizations such as Greenpeace have an anti-nuclear standpoint. But it’s more ideological than fact-based, and an increasing number of environmentalists are now turning in favor of nuclear energy because there are, in fact–as we will see below–very good, solid, scientific and, above all, environmental reasons to be in favor of the many benefits of nuclear energy.

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