Today: 18.Sep.2019

At age 11, while in 7th grade, Kenneth Andrew Kienlen had a writing assignment for English class. He went to the library at the University of North Texas to do his own independent research. The following report is the result. His grandfather, Don Riley, was a pioneer in development of fast breeder reactors. So he may have had a little inspiration before going to the library. He did a superlative report in 7th grade. We wish government leaders would go to a library and make an attempt to learn about the importance of safe, reliable, affordable energy for the world for centuries to come, not just promote the latest trends. Kenneth went on to graduate from Texas A&M in nuclear engineering. We wish him the best in the future. Go Nuclear.

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John Landis had a very distinguished career in the development of peaceful use of nuclear energy. In his later years, he dedicated a lot of time to promoting public education about nuclear energy, uses of radioisotopes and understanding low dose radiation.

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From its inception in the 1940's, nuclear power as conceived by the United States had a closed fuel cycle. Uranium would be mined and milled, enriched in its fissionable isotope U-235 from the 0.7% found in nature, manufactured into fuel and burned in reactors to generate electricity. As it burned, some of the uranium would be converted to plutonium. Then the spent fuel would be removed and shipped to a central plant where it would be dissolved and reprocessed chemically. The unburned uranium and plutonium would be separated and could be recycled in new fuel. The radioactive fission products would be buried as waste.

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Rosatom and South Africa - sustainable and prominent cooperation. Rosatom is not new to Africa and understands its needs.

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