Today: 26.Jul.2017

Bruno Comby, Nuclear Engineer, Environmentalist, Founder-President of Environmentalists For Nuclear - International, EFN, with affiliate organizations in Canada, Poland, the UK, and the USA: This is an update of an article written some years ago about the benefits of nuclear energy. It has been updated with respect to new environmental knowledge and developments with fossil fuel technology. These updates are consistent with recent updated messages by leading environmentalists James Lovelock and Stewart Brand.

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Bruno Comby offers his perspective on the 2016 US and 2017 French presidential elections. Massive amounts of clean, reliable energy are needed to support the world population and help protect the environment, maintain wildlife habitat and preserve biodiversity. Otherwise, the world will simply revert to the way it was before use of fossil fuels. Plentiful energy has tremendously improved the lives of many. With sound government policies and worldwide cooperation, it can improve the lives of most of humanity. The present elections in the USA and France are case studies of the challenges governments face and have some pointers of how governments can do better.

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Bruno Comby, ingénieur nucléaire, nuclear engineer: L’EPR est le moyen de production d’électricité à la fois le plus puissant (1600 MW), le plus avancé (haute technologie), le plus écologique (pas de rejets atmosphériques, nécessitant le moins de matériaux de construction par kWh), le plus durable (60 à 80 ans), le plus performant au monde (production à pleine puissance plus de 90% du temps). The EPR is the means of electricity production more powerful (1600 MW) , most advanced ( high-tech ), most environmentally friendly ( no air emissions, requiring less per kWh construction materials), most durable ( 60-80 years), most efficient in the world (at full power output over 90% of the time).

Published in Energy Tomorrow

Bruno Comby, Founder - President of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy - International, has studied, done research and given talks around the world about nuclear energy, natural background radiation and many aspects of life sciences directly related to people. This PowerPoint Presentation gives background on Bruno Comby and his research into natural background radiation. It is taken from talks he gave in the United States in August, 2015.

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