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Rick McKee, John Shanahan: This article presents ten catastrophic man-made global warming, man-made global cooling, man-made climate change, man-made climate disruptions, man-made sea level rise predictions, gives research and references to their origin. Lots of photos are presented of beautiful parts of the natural world in response to these catastrophic predictions about our planet. We encourage people to come together to work on realistic solutions of genuine problems affecting humanity and nature.

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Chris Bischof, Bakken Oil Business Journal: At the beginning of December 2015, leaders from almost every nation in the world met in Paris to discuss Climate Change and to create plans aimed at reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. They believe the failure to cut back on carbon emissions – greenhouse gases – will lead to a global temperature increase that would unleash an existential crisis upon humanity. The total for all NASA piloted programs from 1959 to 2015 adds up to $275 billion, or about $500 billion in today’s dollars. The $44 Trillion estimate (and it is open ended, not a cap or maximum) for putting the brakes on climate change is almost 100 times the cost of our expeditions into space. Do we have any way of knowing if this huge outlay would save the world, as the representative from Tuvalu has declared it would? We do not.

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James Lovelock, PhD in Medicine, Chemist, Independent Scientist, Environmentalist. Bruno Comby, President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - International in France describes the discovery of very tiny amounts of neonicotinoids in honey. This was made possible by the 1958 invention of the electron capture detector by Professor James Lovelock in the UK. Dr. Lovelock has been a leading figure in the environmental movement along with Stewart Brand and many others. Tiny amounts of all elements may be found throughout the universe. Tiny amounts of man-made chemicals may be found in most places on Earth. At what point does a tiny amount of something become pollution or toxic? Paracelsus, the Father of Toxicology answered that question in the 1500s, "All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not a poison."

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H. Luedecke, University of Applied Sciences, Saarbruecken, Germany and Carol-Otto Weiss, PTB Braunschweig, Mexico, Germany: The Sun as climate driver is repeatedly discussed in the literature but proofs are often weak. In order to elucidate the solar influence, we have used a large number of temperature proxies worldwide to construct a global temperature mean G7 over the last 2000 years. The conclusions for the future suggest warming and cooling as been experienced in the past, not runaway global warming, climate change or climate disruption.

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Howard Brady, Geologist. Author of Mirrors & Mazes, A guide through the climate debate: There is now a New Inquisition presided over by a clique of scientists who have given themselves the right of trial to put scientific heretics to the stake. The new torture methods are not the stake or the rack but the denial of promotion, the manipulation of the media to denigrate, and the refusal to employ. Indeed, efforts to stop such scientists publishing in scientific periodicals have extended to controlling the editorial committees of many well-known periodicals. This is the modern equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition’s Burning of the Books. (Brady, 2017)

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POWERLINE, John Hinderaker: In the debate about serious man-made global warming, there are two types of evidence. The first is the raw material of science, observation. The second is climate models created by alarmists for the purpose of generating scary scenarios. Anyone with the slightest acquaintance with science understands that observation (type 1) trumps theory (type2). Which is a serious problem for the warmists, since temperature records show that their models are wrong.

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Bloomberg, Weixin Zha, Brian Parkin: By 2030, the eastern German town of Poedelwitz will likely be razed to get at the rich veins of coal beneath its half-timbered houses. The reason: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s effort to steer Germany toward greener energy, which has unexpectedly meant booming demand for dirty coal. “This is unparalleled destruction of the environment,” says Jens Hausner, a farmer who has seen 17 of his 20 hectares consumed by digging equipment that looks like something out of a Mad Max movie. In a bit more than a decade, the hulking machines are expected to claw through the town’s 13th-century church and 40 or so remaining homes. None of this will lead to a significant reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide. From a scientific point of view, none of this matters. Its all politics, pure politics.

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James Lovelock, PhD in Medicine, Chemist, Independent Scientist, Environmentalist. While working for NASA in the 1960s, concerned with detecting life on Mars he presented the Gaia hypothesis which proposes that living and non-living parts of the Earth form a complex interacting system that can be thought of as a single organism. He came to think that use of fossil fuels would produce catastrophic man-made global warming. In September 2017 he announced that he changed his mind. Environmentalism has gone too far; renewable energy is a disaster; the planet is not going to end any time soon; and, by the way, the answer is nuclear… When some man-made climate change Alarmists learn about Lovelock's new thinking, they dismiss him as being "old." With far less scientific credentials and accomplishments, they now claim to know a lot more about man-made global warming than does this outstanding scientist they once held in high esteem.That's how Alarmists Belief Systems go.

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