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Henry Burke - This is a summary of references and statements explaining how expensive the steps of the Alarmists would be. In the opinion of some, the Alarmists drive to rid the world of use of fossil fuels is a terrible offense against mankind AND the environment, greater than many wars.

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Henry Burke - This is a summary of references and statements by Man-Made Global Warming Skeptics. It indicates the magnitude of the conflict.

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Pope Francis is genuinely concerned about the poor and environment. The most obvious results of abandoning use of fossil fuels is continued extreme poverty and terrible living conditions for over one billion people in the Third and Fourth World today. It also would mean the return to a way of living in the First and Second World as it was two hundred years ago. Very simple living, human muscle, horse and cattle power, and probably slavery like it existed for hundreds of years. It is unfortunate that this Pope and all the Climate Change Alarmists don't acknowledge that. Many leaders in the great religions of the world don't want those consequences.

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Hal Lewis - Resignation from American Physical Society over corruption of science regarding the topic of Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming aslo known as Climate Change.

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Henry Burke is a Civil Engineer. In this document he provides his thorough evaluation of the science and politics of the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming issue. Many civil engineers agree with him.

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Paul Driessen reviews Pope Francis' address to the US Congress and encyclical, Laudato Si ("Praise Be to You" concerning use of fossil fuels, the topic of catastrophic man-made global warming, poverty and the environment. Driessen concludes, "Absolutely, let us have a real, open, robust conversation about these issues. And let us include everyone in it, because the energy, environmental and human rights challenges concern and affect us all."

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The Cornwall Alliance has produced four short videos on the topics of: a) CO2: Pollutaant or Plant Food?, b) History and Myth: The CO2 Record, c) Is CO2 as Dangerous as Commonly Thought?, d) Are Religion and Science in Conflict? Many will find these easy to understand, obvious and helpful. Contributors: Thomas Sheahen, Anthony Watts, Leighton Steward, Harold Doiron, Patrick Michaels, Fred Singer, Robert Carter, Robert Cunningham, Tom Wysmuller, Roy Spencer, David Lerates, Jay Richards.

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