Today: 21.May.2018
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John Droz is the publisher of "Energy and Environmental Newsletter." Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. A nuclear facility finally experienced the dreaded cataclysmic event. Were millions of people stricken or obliterated? No. Compared to what nature did to Japan, the nuclear consequences will be relatively small. To understand the extraordinary forces that these reactors were subjected to, consider that the power of the nearby earthquake has been estimated to equal some 300,000 atomic bombs! If that wasn’t enough, there was then a thirty foot tsunami added to it. 5. The experiences learned here will insure that existing and future reactors will be even safer yet.

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Clinton Crackel, Co-Founder, Nuclear Fuels Reprocessing Coalition: The Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) coal to liquid (CTL) synthetic fuel process is a viable alternative to refined crude oil. Even though burning fossil fuels releases pollutants to the environment, there have been dramatic improvements in technologies that can significantly restrict the release of pollutants to the environment. It is recommended to use small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) for providing the heat needed in the F-T CTL synthetic fuel process. Converting coal to liquid synthetic fuel is better for the environment than burning it directly and eliminates refining imported crude oil in vulnerable hurricane prone coastal areas. Energy is the world's only true currency. Other currencies are just paper, metal coins or electronic "bitcoins." We shouldn't waste energy, import it unnecessarily or "leave it in the ground."

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Joseph Trevithick, Defense Writer: Energy is the world's only real currency. Everything else is simply paper, metal or "bitcoins." Russia and China understand the need for consistent long term energy planning. The United States vacillates between a half century of yielding to demands of extreme environmentalist organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council and changing to whatever energy source is reported to be cheapest at the moment. All energy sources need to be well managed for safety and to protect the environment. Energy and energy delivery systems shouldn't be run based on rules of the jungle. The Kremlin will use Akademik Lomonosov to power entire towns in the Far North. If this type of floating nuclear power plant proves successful, it could export it to nations with significant populations situated along coastal areas.

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Brendan Montague, Editor of the ECOLOGIST: Footage reveals huge areas of hardwood forest in the state of Virginia being chopped down and removed to a factory that grinds up logs into pellets. A large proportion of these pellets are then shipped across the Atlantic to be burnt at Drax power plant in the UK. To burn an amount of wood pellets that would generate the same amount of electricity as coal it would actually produce roughly eight percent more carbon.

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James Conca, scientist in the field of earth and environmental sciences. Contributor to Forbes: Arizona’s Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station could be forced to close in six years, instead of twenty-seven, if voters approve a renewable-energy ballot measure, according to plant owner Arizona Public Service Company (APS). The Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona, HCR 2017, would amend the state constitution to require utilities to get half their electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind by 2030, up from the present mandate of 15% by 2025. Instead of professionals making sound energy plans, its the "Wild West" at the Ballot Boxes. Our potential enemies want to see America as weak as possible with regards to energy. We will help our enemies by voting for inferior, variable, unpredictable, very dilute solar and wind. BRAVO???

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