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Bruno Comby, Président de l'Association des écologistes pour le nucléaire (AEPN): Ramsar est une petite ville à proximité de la mer Caspienne, dans le Nord de l'Iran. Ramsar est donc, comme nous le voyons, un haut-lieu de l'écologie internationale et de la protection environnementale, avant même qu'il soit question de sa radioactivité ! Mais elle est célèbre (ou devrait l'être) aussi parce qu'on y trouve les plus forts taux de radioactivité naturelle qui aient jamais été mesurés. Quel meilleur endroit pour informer les populations sur la radioactivité naturelle que le lieu le plus radioactif connu sur notre planète ?

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Bruno Comby, nuclear engineer, Founder-President of Environmentalists for Nuclear - International, in French, Association des Ecologistes Pour le Nucléaire,, Ali Shabestani Monfared, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Babol U. of Medical Sciences, Iran: Although the average effective human dose from natural background radiation is about 2.4 mSv per year, the students of the Saeid Nafisi school in Ramsar, Iran receive effective doses of about 250 mSv while studying there for over 5 years. The goal of this project was a retrospective study of the health status of former students of this school and their offspring. This study reveals that there is no health emergency related to these high radiation doses.

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CRC Press, Edited by Michael Poeschl and Leo M. L. Nollet: A comprehensive, fairly easy to read and understand treatise by 31 experts from around the world on the exciting topics of radionuclides, radiation, radioactivity and their presence and uses in the environment and food. Contributors and Editors are from Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Italy, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA. Topics: What are Radionuclides, Sources, Radioactivity in the Air, in Water, in Soils, Transport Processes and Modeling, in Foodstuffs and Food Raw Material, Radiation Detection Methods, Unmasking Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials, Radiation Protection, Regulations, Food Irradiation.

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Nuclear Energy Institute, NEI, Matt Wald: The spaceship conceived in 1982 and launched fifteen years later, will crash into Saturn on September 15, 2017 after a mission of 19 years and 355 days, powered by the audacity and technical prowess of scientists and engineers from 17 different countries, and 72 pounds of plutonium. The mission was so successful that it was extended three times; it was intended to last only until 2008.

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World Nuclear Association: Slovakia has four nuclear reactors generating half of its electricity and two more under construction. Slovakia's first commercial nuclear power reactor began operating in 1972. Government commitment to the future of nuclear energy is strong.

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